AWARDS – Portrait Masters – Fall 2019

The scores are in and I am proud that six of my portraits were honored with a bronze award.
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I work out of my studio in Groton, MA, shooting headshots, portraits & creative dance. I centrally located close to Routes 2, 495, 290 and 190.

I also work on location helping entrepreneurs with their personal branding photos, videos and websites

The first photo is a headshot of Scott Hamilton taken at his home rink in the Nashville area. I had been in Nashville for an event and the director of his skating academy asked me to take some publicity photos. I had packed some studio lights but when I arrived at the rink it was cloudy day and walls and walls of glass. It was perfect for natural light shooting which is always my preference.

The second photos is of a Chaldean Catholic priest in his damaged parish in Batnaya, Iraq. ISIS occupied the church for three years and made it into a training ground for Islamic soldiers. They desecrated the holy space, destroyed the altar, shot up statues and burned a mosaic. It was devastating. Yet ISIS was eventually driven out and the town is rebuilding slowly. On Easter Sunday the church was packed with people coming from all over Kurdistan to celebrate.

The next photo was taken in my studio. It was taken with hard hollywood style lighting. I shoot themed photoshoots occasionally. Join my mailing list if you would like to participate.

The next two are headshots, one of a high school senior in Colorado and the other was taken in Alqosh, Iraq. The last photo was taken the Nineveh plain in Northern Iraq. I was chasing the afternoon light which seemed to linger for hours. In the last moments of that magical afternoon light I came across some shepherd boys. I asked if I could photograph them and but just wasn’t getting what I wanted due to the language barrier. I felt a small shadow move up beside me and looked down to see this beautiful shepherd girl. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted. It was a brief moment when everything was perfect.

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