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I’m a Boston-area Headshot and Branding photographer. Shooting in my studio in Groton, MA and on location near and far. What are the stories that define you and your business? Let me help you be seen.



Headshots and Personal Branding Photography should reflect the multi-faceted person you are.

The Entreprepeneur, the Explorer, the Parent, the Strategist, one who has achieved much, sometimes easily sometimes through great struggles.

I’m Kathryn Costello, a headshot and portrait photographer for almost 20 years.

I’m here to help you present your best self to your playing field through your personal brand. Whether in my studio in the Greater Boston Area or on location near and far, I combine my artistry in exquisite portraiture with my skill at capturing fleeting moments in a journalistic style resulting in powerful portraits of what makes you who you are.


The Evolution of Personal Branding

People are recognizing the power of visual storytelling. Posts that include an album or picture receive 120 to 180% more engagement from fans than text-based posts. On Instagram, users post 40 million photos per day with upward of 8,500 likes and 1,000 comments per second.

Use images to immediately set you apart from your competitors, creating a connection to your audience.

I will help you maximize your social branding by creating images of you and your products to share on your social media or post to your blog or website.


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