A few years ago I was in NYC with another photographer and we were talking about the fear that comes with running a business. He told me to make a habit of having someone say “no” to me every day.  I was reluctant but I started doing it. With this discipline I found that, while I still experienced fear, I didn’t let it stop me from asking for what I wanted. Doors started opening—not so many as to call it miraculous, but enough to make a difference. Some of the things I asked for were pretty outrageous but I realized along the way that I could live with the failure of doors slamming in my face, but I couldn’t live with the regret of not trying.

So when I sent some of my skating photos to the ScottCares Foundation and asked if I could photograph their Scott Hamilton & Friends show, I fully expected that to be my “no” for the day. Instead, they enthusiastically welcomed me and I’ve been shooting for them in many capacities ever since.

In this video Scott describes what it’s like to work with me and how he uses my photographs. Ask for what you want. And don’t try to avoid rejection, it is part of the formula for success.

Testimonial for Kathryn Costello, Boston Area Headshot Photographer

Scott Hamilton | ScottCares Foundation | Olympic Champion

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