Portrait photographer brings project to Harvard, MA

Here is a blog post from ARCH International, the organization that sent me to Iraq. They interviewed me after my Beauty for Ashes presentation and exhibit last Fall.

Here you can read more about my experience, watch interviews I conducted and view photographs from the exhibit.

With gratitude to ARCH International.


I have made two trips to Northern Iraq. Here is a highlight from the article “Her two visits to Iraq were specifically on a mission for ARCH. The first time, she went as part of a group, and it was her first time in the Middle East, so she was slightly overwhelmed at times, taking photos “on-the-go”, often not sure if she will return to a place or if she will meet someone again. Impressions passed her quickly and she really had a strong urge to go back with more time to explore. As a trained portrait photographer, in her work it is very important to find the right light, the best angle, and to get to know the people she photographs.’ Some of my best work comes about after I make a study of one place.’ Little did she know at the time that her second trip would happen rather soon after, and this time, she went on her own, and spent a whole week in the town of Alqosh. While she was there she also embarked on a trip to Batnaya, a Christian town that was completely destroyed by ISIS…”

Until my next trip to Iraq I am working out of my studio shooting portraits, headshots, personal branding for the entrepreneur and creative dancers and I work on location.

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