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The Harvard Cultural Council is a volunteer committee that awards grants to creatives of all ages and backgrounds, schools, and organizations in Harvard and neighboring communities. Activities considered for annual grant funding include community gatherings such as concerts, plays, and festivals; arts, science, and environmental education in the schools and at the public library; and projects focusing on local history and diversity, restoration, and preservation. 

As we set our funding goals for the next three years, we would love to have your input. We appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in completing this survey.

Please respond by May 31, 2024

If you have additional comments, want to speak to someone on the council, or have an interest in joining the council please email us at harvardculturalcouncil@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and input!

Members of the Harvard Cultural Council: Lisa Aciukewicz, Marijke Vallaeys, Meg Bagdonis, Margaret Murphy, Ellen Harasimowicz, Kathy Costello, Maria Day, and Faith Cross

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Are you aware that artists and creatives of all ages and backgrounds, schools and community groups can apply for grants from the Harvard Cultural Council?
Are you aware that there is online training available to help you apply for a grant on the Mass Cultural Council website (www.massculturalcouncil.org)?
  • Local artists and creatives
  • School based cultural programs
  • Youth arts outside of school
  • Public events such as concerts, festivals, shows, plays
  • Nature, Science and Environmental projects
  • Support of local art and creative organizations
  • Local History and Cultural Diversity programs
  • All deserving applicants
  • Other:
  • Nature, science, environmental education projects
  • Communitywide gatherings: festivals, concerts, plays
  • Field trips for students to museums or performances
  • Projects celebrating local history, cultural diversity
  • Local cable programming
  • Restoration or preservation projects
  • Arts education in the schools
  • Professional development of local artists through community projects
  • All deserving applicants
  • Other:
How do you learn about local cultural activities that interest you? (Check all that apply.)