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PUBLISHED – PEOPLE Magazine “With the launch of his new podcast, former Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton hopes to remind others to live in the present and do so with the people they love the most.  In the debut episode of the Live Your Days podcast, Hamilton opened up about how he keeps positive in the face of the heart-wrenching setbacks, including …

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Embracing Fear and the Power of No

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A few years ago I was in NYC with another photographer and we were talking about the fear that comes with running a business. He told me to make a habit of having someone say “no” to me every day.  I was reluctant but I started doing it. With this discipline I found that, while I still experienced fear, I …

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10,000 Headshots

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Helping Americans On July 22, 2020 I will be one of 200 photographers nationwide offering complimentary headshots to those who find themselves out of work.  These past months have been challenging in many ways. The sand is constantly shifting beneath us and so many have found themselves out of work overnight with little warning. If you are looking for work …

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The Night Sky – Star Trails

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Star Trails I have been fascinated by the night sky for as long as I can remember.  I wanted to try to photograph it when I was child but had no idea how. People now come to me for guidance on how I do it so let us begin.  You can either capture the sky with static stars or do …

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ARCH International Interviews Kathryn Costello

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Portrait photographer brings project to Harvard, MA Here is a blog post from ARCH International, the organization that sent me to Iraq. They interviewed me after my Beauty for Ashes presentation and exhibit last Fall. Here you can read more about my experience, watch interviews I conducted and view photographs from the exhibit. With gratitude to ARCH International. STUDIO AND …

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PUBLISHED – Skating Magazine

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Published! Title page photo for an article in the December issue of Skating Magazine. The article is about Scott Hamilton, the growing skating community in Nashville (which will host the 2022 U.S. Figure Skating Championships) and the the Ford Ice Centers in Antioch and Bellevue—home to Scott’s skating academy and the Nashville Predators. It was particularly inspiring to me to …

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PUBLISHED – Vision Magazine

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PUBLISHED – Vision Magazine Two of my photos accompany this story on Hall-of-Fame skier Dan Egan. It was long day which involved shooting through the late afternoon light, an evening studio session in his barn, and a powder shoot late into the night. I enjoyed every minute of it getting to catch up with this old friend from my hometown …

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Great Morning DC Segment

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Scott Hamilton photos on Great Day Washington Segment I had the privilege to work with Scott Hamilton and his team this weekend in DC photographing their “Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer” and related events. Some of the images were on this “Great Day Washington” segment. But more important, watch to learn all about the good work the CARES Foundation is doing …