The Dancers’ Studio

Ignite your Passion!

I have photographed ice skaters for many years and have always wished for more control over the lighting or the power to direct the athletes to get the best angles, but the nature of live show photography is that those skaters didn’t even know I was there. I decided to move the operation into my studio where I now have that control. In these workshops I combine my fascination of capturing movement with my unique artistic abilities in photography and studio lighting. I capture that split second in time which showcases the strength, flexibilty and beauty of a body in motion. I work with dancers alone or in small groups. Final product is print based artwork.

Who is this for?

Pre-Professional and Professional Dancers, Gymnasts and Skaters.


$250 per person for the session fee. Resulting artwork is sold separately. This is meant to display and no digital files are available except to share on social media.

Product List

Prices depend on whether you allow artist to freely use images you are in for publications, gallery displays and more. In this case the price is reduced because the print potentially has other venues of sale. This is true once you sign the release whether I choose to use the photo you purchase or not.

What is Expected

Release forms must be signed releasing photographer and studio of liability for injuries inherent to dance, and permission forms are requested for allowing photographer permission to display, publish and sell photos.

What to Bring

Everything! I like long flowing fabrics, dresses, skirts, costumes; simple solid-colored attire, ballet and toe shoes. Be creative but bring staples too (solid leotards, including black and white etc and plenty with long sleeves). I have props at the studio too. The more options the better.


None for men. Very simple for women. If I notice it, it’s too much. Bring makeup and hair accessories with you and apply at studio. Include translucent finishing powder to eliminate “shine”.

Upcoming Dates


Contact me to get on the schedule